At GBD DESIGN, we believe in making each project our own, giving it 100% of our talent and experience. This is how we accomplish the desired results.

Our MISSION: that Branding Management becomes an advantage over other brands, making it stand out and turning it into an authentic Lovemark. Achieving this, our clients add value to their business.

Our AIM is that firms find their own experience, inside and outside the POS.

At GBD we love to plan, develop and implement your ideas. We pursue this with conviction and responsibility.
We take care of designing and implementing the most appropriate communication strategies for your company, in short: Strategic Planners.

We also take care of:

The product launch.
The integral graphic design service.
The production and development of the digital channel.
We are Media Planners: we design the most appropriate campaigns on the social networks, so that your product or service has the greatest and best visibility.
We diagram the design of your web page, as well as its programming and maintenance.

Marketing Area

- Plan, develop and implement communication strategies and marketing activations.
- Develop direct marketing and trade marketing campaigns.
- Coordination of events, providing support on ATL and BTL campaigns.
- Design and development of "Communication Master plan": definition of the axes of communication, defining the audience for each segment and objectives, implementation plans.
- Develop brand positioning in the market.
- Develop communication plans.
- Develop internal communication circuits (manuals, billboards, internal newsletters).
- Management of advertising agencies.
- Responsible for corporate communications: design and monitor the CRM implementation plan.

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Digital Area

- Development of the digital channel
- Development of social media campaigns.
- Design and layout of web sites

Corporate Image

- Develop the brand strategy including brand design and communication.
- Production of commercials, advertising statics and mobile campaigns.
- Planning strategy.
- Designing logos, flyers, posters, brochures, packaging and general merchandising.

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